Hello and Good-Bye!

There is change a brewin! My home office is being torn apart… so I can rebuild it, and make it better, stronger, faster. Ok, maybe just calmer, cleaner and more sacred to me.

And I’m moving my virtual home, to LisaSarick.com. I went ahead and blessed this new virtual space today!

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Just add to the love in the world…


The Clear Mirror

My life is a mirror. 

The people in my life are really mirrors of me. This affords me the opportunity to grow and change.

-Louise Hay – Power Thought Cards

I used to hate it when I got THAT card. How about “My future is Glorious!” or “My income is constantly increasing.”?

Not that I disagree in any way. On the contrary I know it to be true. In my article for this month’s Wild Sister magazine I relay the story of how I learned to love a shadow part of my self, partly thanks to having seen it (and being disturbed by it) in others. It’s just that it’s a lesson, it’s work. It’s not “My future is Glorious!”… Or is it??

In Interfaith Seminary, the Reverend Diane Burke talked to us about the “Clear Mirror”; the reflection back to us of our own beauty and depth via those we admire, adore and even idolize. I silently gasped. Of course! If I can see what is not so perfect about myself through those things that annoy me in another, why couldn’t I see my perfection in those that I love and respect?!

Seeing the ‘flaws’ in someone else I can go to where I have been like that or where I am capable of that – because aren’t we all capable of everything; love and hate, generosity and greed…

And now, seeing the brilliance, creativity, courage and Divine light in another I can go to where that resides in me… and celebrate it. Appreciate it. LOVE it. I am capable of all that too. And then I’m not (as) jealous! I see me, me… fabulous ME!

I am surrounded by it lately, and have been for quite some time. Gorgeous-in-their-being people giving to the world from their authentic gifts, with compassionate hearts, humor and lightness.

To name a few.

It is a lesson. Yes. A lesson in the Divinity within me, and you, and how it bounces around for us all to see it more clearly, own it… and share it with the world.

From my writer angels, for YOU…


May you know that you are loved

May you know that you are of Love

May your struggles not dim the Light

that one day will allow you to shine like the sun

Be steady in the face of others’ indifference

Be quiet in response to their rage

Be true to the Love that made you

And you will be sustained

And buoyed

And risen to heights beyond your imaginings

In Divine time

In perfect time

In no time

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How Do You Hear God?

Double rainbow pic by me. Cayuga Lake, 2011.

I was recently on the phone with one of my besties when she said, “I don’t think I’m psychic… I just hear God.

“Uh-huh,” I said in understanding.

Later it struck me how funny, and classic, that line was. I laughed to myself. I texted her: I’m sure… you’re not psychic, you just hear God. Will be quoting that a lot!

I knew what she meant at the time. It made total sense to me. I feel the same way. I hear God too.

I hear things I need to write. I used that in college. How else was I supposed to get through grad school?? I would put THEM – I usually refer to them as my “writer spirits”- on it when I had a paper due. When it was ready I would know. An almost silent timer would go off when the incubation was done. Then I could sit down and out it would come. I am doing that right now! I do that when I write prayers, or blessings for people’s services and rituals.

Lori Portka and I had talked about creating a children’s book, offering a spiritual truth in a kid-friendly way. Her colorful illustrations with my story. What story, we didn’t know. Then I was in the shower – the shower and the car are my top two places to hear God, and I’m a meditator… what’s that about?! So, I’m in the shower and I start to hear a chant, a little song… rhythmic, simple. Then it all unfolded. I knew who was chanting it, and who was hearing it. The whole thing was downloaded (LOL, have you seen this video – Shit New Age Girls Say  ?). I jumped out of the shower and had to grab paper to write out the children’s story, complete with the little chant. Lori is illustrating it, and we hope it someday reaches your kiddies’ bookshelves!

I believe my writer spirits are messengers of the Divine. I believe I am hearing good ideas because they are God ideas. I believe we all have access to It… to Spirit, to Grace, to Love, to God. I heard James Taylor sing live once, and as soon as he started I thought, “God.” It made me tear up – and I’m not even a huge JT fan. Sometimes I read something that I wrote down and it makes me cry. I’d better toughen up or I’m going to be known as the crying minister!

You hear God too. I know you do. How? What are you doing when you hear/feel/see/know? What do you do with it?

I would LOVE to know. Please share.

Suggestions… and more suggestions


Find your tribe, a group of like-minded individuals

Surround yourself with positive people and those who uplift you

Avoid energy-sucking vampires, negative people and low-energy situations

Restrict your pleasure seeking, overindulgences and excess in all forms

Find a loving teacher who will point you to your own true nature

And when you are good and solid and anchored in the now…

in your Self…



Know that all minds are one

See yourself in everyone and everything

See Divinity and perfection in all

Go to the dark places and be the light

Take “the other” to lunch

Appreciate the luxury and pleasure that is available at any given moment

Take the pain of others and allow it to move through you and out

Let go of all rules

(This came out of my questioning common suggestions that I have heard on my spiritual path. One day this came to me in a flash and flowed out in just a minute to two. Maybe it is a matter of evolution or steps on the way to more love…)


Happy New Year!

… and love and blessings to you!!

by Lori Portka

For me 2012 is definitely A Year of Wishes! The calendar that Lori Portka and I created has already led to so many amazing connections, ideas, fun and lots of LOVE. It has inspired a new format for my monthly sangha and will  be a guide for each month’s theme there. I hope that if you live nearby you will come sometime! The first one is next Sunday, January 8th.

The first Year of Wishes blog post is up. It’s a vlog! I lead a guided meditation and tell some of my story of learning to appreciate my body. You can see it here.